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The difference you can make to the environment and the UK’s management of resources by working for SITA UK

At SITA UK, we believe that waste is a valuable resource which can be given a second life. We want to reach a point where as many waste materials as possible are reused, recycled or recovered for their energy content.

Every person and every team at SITA UK plays a role in maximising the value of waste. As it moves through our business, different teams and divisions use their expertise to add value to the waste resource. We call this process the value chain of waste.

On this page you can find out how different teams and divisions add value at each stage of the chain.

How does the value chain of waste work?

SITA UK's waste value chain illustration

Source it

Elaine explains how our sales teams source the waste resource.

Elaine Williams, Field Sales Executive (Manchester)

Move it

Nicky reveals the role of our teams who look after our fleet in collecting and moving the waste resource.

Nicky Lynch, Senior Depot Manager (West Sussex)

Process it

Christine talks about how the waste resource is processed.

Christine Roos, Site Manager (Cornwall)

Sell it

Mark reveals how SITA UK is giving waste resource a second life and deriving new value from it.

Mark Fletcher, Trading Back Office Manager (Maidenhead)

Business support

Support functions including finance, account management, human resources, communications, management information systems, legal and insurance provide tools and mechanisms to help the business meet customer needs and complete critical activities.

Jonathan Rawlinson, Key Account Manager (Swansea)

Business control

Control functions including auditing for finance, health and safety, fleet compliance, environment and quality systems ensure our processes are followed correctly and we are compliant with all regulation and legislation.

Cathrine Hadfield, MIS Business Analyst (Maidenhead)

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