Emergency waste collection and clean-up

Rapid response is a fast and reliable waste removal and clean-up service available to our business customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Disruptions to business continuity caused by unplanned waste or incidents are real risks and can result in thousands of pounds worth of damage, as well as long periods of downtime. Whether it’s a freezer or compactor breakdown, product recall or sewage spill, avoiding long periods of downtime and removing waste quickly and efficiently is crucial.

At SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, we identify risks that may have an impact on your business, and provide a rapid response service that gives you peace of mind.

Our rapid response offer includes:

  • Emergency food waste collection
  • Flood and fire waste removal
  • Fly tipping clearance
  • Peak demand waste collection
  • Property clearance
  • Construction waste removal
  • Sewage spill clearance
  • Hazardous waste removal

Additional services

  • Flood and fire damage cleaning and drying
  • Sewage site decontamination
  • Graffiti removal
  • Hygienic deep cleaning
  • Bio contaminant cleaning
  • High level access cleaning

We provide a 24/7 emergency service, 365 days a year, with industry-leading response times.

With a nationwide network of facilities, and fully accredited and trusted service partners, our health and safety standards are high. Prices are competitive, being based on actual weight not volume. Proof of collection is recorded, with a waste transfer note sent directly to your inbox.

To arrange an emergency waste removal or clean-up services, call our rapid response team on 0800 783 7595.

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