Healthcare waste

Waste produced by healthcare organisations can be hazardous to the environment and other people, so must be disposed of safely in accordance with strict regulations. From drugs and pharmaceutical waste to biological and even radioactive materials, healthcare waste demands expert disposal.

We offer through a comprehensive bespoke service for the safe and environmentally-friendly segregation, storage, carriage, treatment and disposal of clinical waste.

Our services cater for the demands of hospitals, clinics, dentists, nursing homes – in fact all generators of healthcare waste of all sizes, ensuring the disposal of biologically and chemically contaminated material and sharp implements meet strict legislation and health and safety standards.

We offer a full on and off-site advisory service to ensure customers’ waste disposal meets legislative requirements.

We collect, treat and dispose of healthcare waste at a number of specialist facilities across the UK, with services including high temperature incineration.

Common healthcare waste types include:

  • Hygiene waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Radioactive waste
  • Sharps

For help with your healthcare waste requirements, just get in touch.

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