Secure shredding

We offer a secure shredding service to handle our customers’ confidential waste. This provides you and your organisation the protection and peace of mind needed when it comes to destroying confidential data.

Data held by every organisation must be kept secure and disposed of safely. This means that it is a legal responsibility to dispose of confidential material separately from normal waste.

We securely collect, destroy and recycle your confidential waste – from paper documents and files to CDs, hard drives and uniforms – all this done in full compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The legislation states that data held by an organisation must be kept secure and disposed of safely, ensuring confidential and personal information is destroyed. If data is not disposed of correctly, organisations can face large fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office for each breach or unlimited fines in case of FSA regulated organisations. The reputation of your organisation could also be irreparably damaged should confidential material find its way out of your hands.

From the 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect and you’ll want to be sure that your company stays compliant with this new legislation, as well as the existing Data Protection Act.

We offer two methods of collection for confidential waste. On-site shredding takes place at your premises using one of our specialist shredding trucks, while off-site shredding takes place at one of our secure shredding facilities. Both options provide you with updates on where your confidential documents are in the process, as well as a full audit trail so that you can demonstrate compliance.

To make our service even more secure, we have replaced hessian collection bags with recyclable paper bags. Paper bags eliminate human contact with your confidential documents, as they are sealable, and can be shredded along with the contents of the bag.

Get in touch and let us help make sure the destruction of your confidential data is secure.

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