SUEZ.scope™ | expert advice

A team of experts who identify and analyse waste in your business – saving you time, resources and money.

We’re committed to helping you take a fresh look at ways to improve the management of your waste and sustainability projects by:

  • Talking to your employees, customers and suppliers
  • Studying your data
  • Considering waste in the whole of your business
  • Recommending improvements

It’s not just waste in the bin – think wasted movements, wasted time, wasted opportunities. We will work with you to generate insights across your value chain, from procurement to design, that will bring savings and peace of mind.

Let SUEZ.scope rethink your waste procurement and help you make the right decisions when choosing waste management suppliers. Our customers tell us this is especially useful to them when negotiating new contracts.

Our methods are simple, effective, tried and tested.

Our first step is always to listen closely to you and your team. You know best where the problems may lie. We can help you identify the opportunities to improve, without disrupting your systems, breaking your budget or compromising compliance.

Depending on complexity, we’ll also get the views of other employees, your customers and we’ll talk to your suppliers too, to make sure they’re giving you the best service.

Then, we’ll study your data. We use a range of data analytics to identify the obvious and not-so-obvious opportunities to ease the flow and boost efficiency.

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