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At our facilities, we welcome staff including mechanical engineers, drivers and crane operators, administrators, financial controllers and tour guides, to name but a few.

Being a large and varied business, there are also job opportunities in specialist support roles, such as planning consultants, shipping coordinators, field sales executives, lab technicians and management accountants.

Hear from three of our staff working in very different roles.

Jacqueline Ross, Regional Business Transformation Manager

Jacqueline joined SUEZ in 2008 on the graduate programme.

“I was keen to work for a socially-responsible company with a strong environmental ethos. After completing the graduate scheme, I became a Site Manager for a materials recycling facility, responsible for a team of 45.

People used to be quite surprised when I told them I worked with waste, but the role was challenging and varied, and the fact that we processed waste was secondary to the general management skills I developed over a short period of time with SUEZ’s investment in me.

I’m now working in the Business Transformation team, helping managers to rationalise their processes by introducing more efficient production methodologies.

I would definitely recommend a career in the waste industry. The opportunities are wide and varied, and the industry is incredibly innovative.”

Helen Lloyd, Employment Lawyer

Helen leads a SUEZ focus group to encourage female employees in their careers.

“We realise that more can be done, but the female focus group has already brought about positive changes to encourage more women into the recycling and waste management industry, and to ensure they are able to progress their careers with us.

For example, we now offer enhanced maternity leave, flexible working hours, job-sharing, childcare vouchers and other benefits that make working here more attractive.”

Fred Stinchcombe, Regional Maintenance Manager

Fred is responsible for keeping millions of pounds worth of sophisticated machinery operating smoothly. Fred started with us as an apprentice in 2006.

“The apprenticeship scheme was very competitive and the training was really intense. I picked up a great engineering qualification and SUEZ has invested heavily in developing my management skills.”

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