Working at SUEZ

We are proud of the fantastic opportunities for personal growth and development we offer, as we continue to build and grow our forward-thinking company. You could play a key part in our success.

Join us in the resource revolution!

 1. Have a positive impact on the future of the planet and its resources

Working at SUEZ means seeking to secure and make available our planet’s resources. It means protecting people’s security in terms of public health and hygiene with waste collection and sanitation services. It means contributing to the development of regions and businesses. By working at SUEZ, you can contribute to the resource revolution.

The last 15 years have seen a revolution in recycling and major changes to the way our society deals with waste. As a nation, the UK now recycles nearly 50% of everything we throw away. With the help of companies like SUEZ, the material that can’t be recycled is used to generate electricity or produce alternative fuels.

Faced with growing urbanisation, scarcity of natural resources, the risks of pollution and the challenges of climate change, our mission is to find new avenues throughout the world to complete the resource revolution successfully.

2. Help us create innovative solutions for the circular economy

At SUEZ, we believe that in order to face the resource issues confronting our societies, we must start with a move from a linear model towards a circular model (reuse, upcycling, recovery etc.). We must challenge the way we see our activities and the responses we provide.

With 150 years of experience working alongside our public sector and industry clients, including supporting the resource revolution, we have now begun a new transformation involving the creation of whole new areas of activity in the field of resources.

Our employees are the heart of our development and innovation strategy, as well as of our environmental and social commitments. We rely on their knowledge and expertise. By recruiting creative and inspiring individuals and sharing knowledge, we encourage our staff to innovate and propose new forms of intervention to strengthen the services we provide to our clients.

Your creativity and initiative could be applied towards supporting us in the drive towards the circular economy – a whole new way of looking at resources that focuses on reuse, upcycling and recycling instead of creating waste.

3. Work collaboratively to solve major challenges

In the age of the knowledge-sharing economy, open source and exchanges facilitated by technological innovation, we have a responsibility to place openness and collaboration at the heart of our activities.

That’s why we encourage our employees to get involved in internal and external cooperation programmes designed to strengthen our performance and our leadership. SUEZ employees grow and achieve more, within our friendly and supportive environment, and collaborative and engaging culture.

The issues facing the world’s usage of resources are significant, and can only be resolved through focus and dedicated teamwork. Working at SUEZ means having the opportunity and the ambition to open up to the richness of cooperation.

4. Embark on a rich and fulfilling career journey

SUEZ has a culture of internal promotion, with training and development as a priority. If you wish to move and develop your career in other countries, the global nature of the group means there are always opportunities around the world.

Our commitment as an employer is to offer all employees who want it a career based on developing their professional skills and expertise.

We are constantly seeking innovation and differentiation to ensure the development of our staff. We promote various forms of learning, including informal methods such as mentoring, coaching and seminars. We also offer our staff a mix of methods and tools to make learning more effective.

SUEZ employees enjoy a raft of benefits, including family-friendly policies and excellent remuneration packages. Personal and professional development and training is a priority.

5. Work in a friendly environment where your individuality is valued

At SUEZ, we believe that our primary resource is our employees. That’s why we pay special attention to respecting their identity and their fulfilment.

The diversity of our group and its talents reflects the diversity of the cultures and territories where we operate. This diversity is a source of innovation and value creation.

We believe creativity, clear communication and a drive for excellence are key to success. This culture attracts enthusiastic and responsible people, and makes SUEZ a friendly and supportive place to work.

Professional and personal fulfilment is dependent on many aspects. That’s why we recruit for diversity, foster a friendly working environment and offer autonomy to our employees. Naturally, health and safety is paramount in all our activities.

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