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SUEZ recycling and recovery UK collects waste and recycling from approximately 12 million residents throughout the UK from various different locations, including large urban conurbations, metropolitan authorities and rural districts.

We work in partnership with our local authority clients in order to deliver services to meet your particular needs, in the most effective way, in order to achieve best value.

You can find more information on particular services here or contact us to discuss any of our services in more detail.

Public private partnership

Our public private partnership contracts include funding, design, construction and long-term operation of large scale municipal recycling and waste treatment facilities.

Collection and logistics

With over 25 years of experience collecting recycling and waste from residents throughout the UK, SUEZ can deliver recycling and refuse collection solutions that are both cost effective and sustainable.

Sorting and processing

With 300 facilities across the UK, we provide innovative solutions to recycle, treat and dispose of waste.

Street cleansing

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK provides a range of street cleansing services to our local authority clients.

Recycling and recovery

We work in partnership with local authorities to maximise recycling and re-use, helping to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill by putting waste to good use.

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