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With over 25 years of experience collecting recycling and waste from residents throughout the UK, SUEZ can deliver recycling and refuse collection solutions that are both cost effective and sustainable.

We can offer a variety of collection options based on your needs as a local authority. These can range from sacks and wheeled bins for residual collections, through to a box or bin system for a wide range of recycling schemes including kerbside sort and commingled collections. We also provide food waste and garden waste collections either separately or in a single container.

SUEZ has a large fleet of heavy goods vehicles, 60% of which are refuse collection vehicles while the remainder are for the bulk haulage of local authority and commercial waste.

In 2015, we increased the range of recyclable materials we are able to collect from the kerbside thanks to the introduction of a fleet of new Romaquip recycling vehicles at some of our local authority contracts. These vehicles have increased capacity and operate to the highest European vehicle emissions standards.

We are continually looking to innovate and ensure our fleet operates in the most efficient manner possible for the benefit of our clients. Following early trials in 2008, the vast majority of our vehicles are now equipped with on-board computing, a system which allows us to provide a much better service to householders by optimising routing, rectifying missed collections quicker and helping temporary staff to navigate unfamiliar routes.

In 2015, we developed the CORE system for the benefit of our customers, a system which provides monitoring and the reporting of data to users in real time. The dedicated web portal allows our local authority customers to see real-time details of the work carried out by our crews, enabling proactive feedback to residents when they call the helpdesk with any issues regarding their collection. CORE can be used on multiple channels, including in-cab devices, tablets for mobile supervisors and web-based browsing for office and call centre staff.


SUEZ recognises that the introduction of a new service provider, and ultimately a change to the existing service provision, provides a significant challenge to both client and contractor. The customer experience and perception of the new service provision is critical to initial acceptance and can have a marked impact on future recycling schemes, participation and goodwill.

SUEZ’s mobilisation team has extensive experience of mobilising new contracts and implementing large complex collection service changes – including publicity, staff training, operational detail, helpdesk and communications issues, IT and other technical support. Our dedicated recycling manager can work with you to help develop a plan to optimise recycling across the contract, including educational campaigns with local residents.

Read more about our work with our local authority partners.

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