Sorting and processing

With 300 facilities across the UK, we provide innovative solutions to recycle, treat and dispose of waste.

Our facilities include household waste recycling centres which we run throughout the country on behalf of our local authority clients; materials recycling facilities where recyclables are sorted into material types; transfer stations, where residual waste and recyclables are bulked up before being taken for further treatment or final disposal; landfill sites where we safely dispose of residual waste; a network of compost facilities to process green garden waste and food waste; wood facilities where we process both treated and untreated wood; energy-from-waste facilities for the safe and efficient treatment of waste to generate electricity; and refuse derived fuel facilities where waste products are made into an alternative fuel product.

We provide processing solutions for all materials – including the trading of recyclable commodities, where our specialist teams established direct contracts with a number of companies dealing with the purchase of recyclable materials, and are able to utilise our position as a major player in the waste management and environmental services market to gain valuable bargaining power in the recycling market place for both co-mingled and source segregated materials.

As part of our efforts to ensure that waste is put to good use, we produce a large range of high-quality products from the waste materials that we collect and process, including compost products, refuse derived fuel and solid recovered fuel and wood products.

Whatever the size of your local authority or your needs, we can tailor a solution to suit you.

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