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Information on proposals for Severnside energy recovery centre

SITA UK is a major provider of recycling and waste services in the South Gloucestershire and    Bristol areas.

Wherever we work we aim to first reduce the waste created, then reuse and recycle wherever possible. However, with over 800,000 tonnes of industrial and commercial waste being generated each year in the former Avon Council area, there remains a significant quantity of residual commercial waste that is not recycled and has traditionally been sent to landfill, an increasingly scarce and costly option.

Severnside energy recovery centre

Following a thorough investigation of potential locations, SITA UK identified a brownfield site adjacent to Seabank Power Station and the former Terra Nitrogen plant at Severnside, in South Gloucestershire, as a possible location for the development of an energy recovery centre.

Delivery of the proposed Severnside energy recovery centre would make a significant contribution to providing new treatment and recovery facilities to manage commercial and industrial waste from the former Avon County Council region, along with the ability to manage residual household waste from West London that will be delivered to the facility by rail.

Anticipated as being capable of processing up to 400,000 tonnes of non-recycled waste, the facility would have capacity to generate up to 32 megawatts of electricity – enough to power approximately 50,000 homes, equivalent to half the homes in South Gloucestershire. As well as producing renewable energy, consent to build the Severnside energy recovery centre would also help boost the local economy by creating around 200 jobs during the construction phase and 53 full time jobs once the facility is in operation.

The planning application

Before finalising the planning application for the Severnside energy recovery centre, SITA UK delivered a wide-ranging consultation programme, including a public exhibition which was attended by over 140 people.

The consultation process enabled SITA UK to identify several points of local interest, namely traffic, design of the building and emissions associated with an energy recovery centre. All of the feedback received was thoroughly reviewed and, where possible, constructive comments, along with advice from organisations including the Highways and Environment agencies, were taken on board to help shape the final planning application.

SITA UK submitted this planning application to South Gloucestershire Council in November 2009 and it was refused by the Council’s Development Control West Committee in June 2010. SITA UK subsequently appealed the decision and a public inquiry was held in Alveston which concluded in May 2011. The Planning Inspector, who heard evidence from both parties, subsequently submitted a recommendation to the Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State upheld the appeal on 16 September 2011. With that approval in place,      SITA UK is now constructing the Severnside energy recovery centre, which has already been granted an Environmental Permit following scrutiny from the Environment Agency. It is expected to be completed in 2016.

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