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Press release - 03 Apr 2008

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Proposed energy-from waste solution for Telford

A proposal that could provide a long term sustainable alternative to landfill disposal of the 62,000 tonnes of residual waste generated by residents of Telford and Wrekin every year was unveiled to councillors on Wednesday 2 April.

The energy-from-waste (EfW) project is being proposed for development adjacent to the current recycling and waste management site at Granville and is a joint initiative between the site owners, SITA UK, and the technology providers, Cyclerval UK.

Landfilling of residual waste – the materials left over after recycling has taken place – is being dramatically reduced in the UK and will soon attract heavy European fines if reduction targets are not met. The proposed EfW plant would provide a viable alternative for Telford and Wrekin, with the added bonus of generating electricity and heat that could also provide a sustainable and secure energy source for local businesses. This would qualify the facility for combined heat and power (CHP) status, which is recognised as a highly efficient way of dealing with residual waste.

“We are keen to help councils like Telford & Wrekin to develop more sustainable ways of dealing with domestic waste,” said Geraint Rees, General Manager at SITA UK. “The proposed energy from waste plant would not only provide a long term facility for treating residual waste following recycling, but also has the potential to support local businesses and secure jobs by providing affordable and reliable heat and power.”

If it goes ahead, the Granville energy from waste facility will be among the smallest of its kind in the UK, as Ian Crummack, Managing Director of Cyclerval UK, explains:

“We are proposing a small-scale EfW plant which is specifically designed to solve local waste management problems without the need for it to be transported long distances. The proposed plant would have the capacity to process 62,000 tonnes of household waste per year, which takes into account anticipated changes in the waste stream – including increased recycling rates. It is intended as a local solution tailored to serve the needs of the Telford and Wrekin community.”

The technology for the proposed development is very well-established, having been developed and refined by Cyclerval over many years, and is in use at over 25 locations in Europe.

There is also one Cyclerval plant already operating successfully in the UK, located near Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire. It opened in 2004 and is of an almost identical size and type to that proposed for Granville. Planning consent for a similar facility was obtained in Exeter, Devon, in July 2007. Both locations are designed to provide energy and heat as part of the normal operation of the plant.

The SITA/Cyclerval consortium intends to hold a series of public exhibitions in the near future so that local residents can see for themselves what is being proposed and comment on the project prior to a planning application being submitted. The dates and venues will be announced shortly.

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