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Press release - 20 Mar 2008

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SITA Cornwall submits planning application for Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre

On Thursday 20 March SITA Cornwall submitted a planning application for the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC).

Details of the proposal to build the CERC at Rostowrack Farm, St Dennis, were shown to residents at an exhibition held over four days at the end of January.
Nearly 500 people visited the exhibition, in St Dennis and Foxhole, and 195 of them left comments and questions about the proposals. The comments have been considered and are included in the planning application while any unanswered questions will be replied to individually.

The CERC will benefit Cornwall by diverting 90 per cent of the county’s residual waste away from landfill. This is important as United Mines will close in 2010 and Connon Bridge only has a permit until 2014. The centre will also produce energy, by:

  • generating sixteen megawatts of electricity – which is the equivalent needed to power around 21,000 homes
  • supplying heat to the china clay industry – replacing some of the fossil fuels currently used

The impact of lorries delivering waste to the site will be minimised with the use of a private haul road, which means that no lorries will go through the nearby village. Once up and running, the centre will also bring around 48 full time jobs.
Commenting on the planning application, David Buckle Project Director for SITA Cornwall said today: “The CERC is needed to deal with the county’s residual waste which is currently going to landfill. Even if Cornwall achieves the most optimistic rates for recycling, this facility is urgently needed to manage the waste that is left over. Without this facility, Cornwall will be in a desperate situation not only in terms of somewhere to dispose of the waste, but also due to the huge cost of taxes that will be charged on every tonne of waste that is

Louis de Poncheville, General Manager for SITA Cornwall commented: “The CERC will provide much needed, environmentally sustainable energy, playing an important role in reducing the environmental impact of the waste generated in Cornwall. SITA Cornwall is committed to being a good neighbour at all of its 24 sites in the county and if our proposals succeed, St Dennis will be the flagship base for our headquarters.”

SITA Cornwall, which runs the integrated waste management contract for the county, has already invested over £15 million in new and upgraded recycling facilities, which has helped to increase the recycling rate at household waste recycling centres from 25% to more than 50%.

Cornwall County Council’s planning department has begun a process of registration and validation of the planning application, to be followed by consultation and publicity.

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