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Services provided by SITA UK for business and local authorities

SITA UK provides expert and cost-effective recycling and waste management services to businesses and local authorities of all sizes across the UK. We serve over 40,000 businesses and 12 million residents nationally, ensuring that the waste we collect and process is always treated as a resource.

With over 300 sites across the country, we are able to offer organisations of all types and sizes recycling and waste solutions that fit their needs. SITA UK can handle all of your recycling and waste materials, ensuring they are put to good use and giving you the option of dealing with just one supplier for all of your waste services.

Our wide range of high quality products, produced from the materials that we collect, also give customers the opportunity to put their waste to good use. From compost to fuel created from waste, our certified product range helps ensure waste is diverted from landfill and given a second life.

Find out more about our services for local authority and business customers.

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You can also find out more about SITA UK and how we can help you through our video or from our customer magazine, Scene.

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