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Our public private partnership contracts

Our public private partnership contracts include funding, design, construction and long-term operation of large scale municipal recycling and waste treatment facilities.

We incorporate a broad range of technical, commercial and financial expertise. We are also able to draw on the skills and expertise of other departments within the company and are backed by the strength of our parent company, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, who has specialist engineers and construction managers with access to performance and operational data from across the world. We also have close relationships with proven technology providers, funders and other professional service organisations required to ensure the success of our projects.

We ensure that not only do our facilities incorporate the very best designs and materials, but also that they are costed correctly from the outset of the procurement process. We are proud of our strong in-house planning expertise and the level of understanding of waste planning and environmental permitting developed on a number of projects which have been successfully delivered in complex environments.

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