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SITA UK's 30-year contract in Cornwall

SITA Cornwall and Cornwall Council are working together to deliver a sustainable and integrated waste management solution for Cornwall.

In October 2006, SITA Cornwall Ltd was awarded a 30-year contract to manage waste in the county. SITA UK provides the day-to-day operation and maintenance services under this contract.

Household waste recycling centres

We operate 13 household waste recycling centres in Cornwall. The centres take a wide range of items for recycling, as well as general waste, and are useful for recyclables that aren’t accepted by kerbside collection or bring banks.

With SITA Cornwall investing over £15 million in these HWRCs, the area has already seen recycling rates increase from around 25 per cent to over 60 per cent. Major improvements have included the opening of a replacement household waste recycling centre in Launceston (2012), a brand new facility for the Falmouth and Penryn area (2011) and a much improved and enlarged household waste recycling centre at St Austell (2010). Plans for a new site in Truro are also underway.

The two materials recycling facilities at Bodmin and Pool receive around 25,000 tonnes of dry recyclables through local kerbside collections and, on average, recycle over 98 per cent of the materials brought in.

Refuse transfer stations

Refuse transfer stations are strategically located throughout the county.

Landfill sites

We manage one open landfill in the county, at Connon Bridge, near Liskeard.

Energy recovery centre

In March 2012, SITA Cornwall was granted planning permission for a Cornwall energy recovery centre (CERC), which would manage 240,000 tonnes of waste a year. The Cornwall energy recovery centre would produce enough electricity to meet the energy requirements of 21,000 households each year, and heat would be exported from the centre and provided for local industrial processes.

For more information, visit the SITA Cornwall website.

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