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Recycling and refuse collection

Our recycling and refuse collection service for our local authority customers

With over 20 years of experience collecting recycling and waste from residents throughout the UK, SITA UK can deliver recycling and refuse collection solutions that are both cost effective and sustainable.

We can offer a variety of collection options based on your needs as a local authority. These can range from sacks and wheeled bins for residual collections, through to a box or bin system for a wide range of recycling schemes including kerbside sort and commingled collections. We also provide food waste and garden waste collections either separately or in a single container. Where required, we can provide processing solutions for all materials, including the trading of recyclable commodities, where our specialist teams have extensive knowledge of markets and are able to ensure that best prices are achieved.


SITA UK recognises that the introduction of a new service provider, and ultimately a change to the existing service provision, provides a significant challenge to both client and contractor. The customer experience and perception of the new service provision is critical to initial acceptance and can have a marked impact on future recycling schemes, participation and goodwill.

SITA UK’s mobilisation team has extensive experience of mobilising new contracts and implementing large complex collection service changes – including publicity, staff training, operational detail, helpdesk and communications issues, IT and other technical support.

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