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Street cleansing

Our street cleansing service

SITA UK provides a range of street cleansing services to our local authority clients.

Our 24-hour services delivered by specifically trained staff can include mechanical sweeping, manual sweeping, fly tip removal, litter picking, street washing, car park cleansing, litter bin emptying, dog bin emptying, weed spraying, market cleansing, graffiti removal, chewing gum removal, beach cleansing, and special events.

We are experienced in operating both frequency-based schedules and output specifications. We employ innovative mobile-based technology to assist in self monitoring and to reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

We recognise that this service is a key factor in resident and visitor perceptions of the locality and thus we are committed to ensuring that we work together with our clients to deliver a high quality service that not only meets contractual standards but which exceeds expectations.

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