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Treatment and disposal

Our treatment and disposal facilities and service

With over 300 facilities across the UK, we provide innovative solutions to recycle, treat and dispose of waste.

Whatever the size of your local authority or your needs, we can tailor a solution to suit you.

Our products

As part of our efforts to ensure that waste is put to good use, SITA UK produces a large range of high-quality products from the waste materials that we collect and process, including compost products, fuel, refuse derived fuel and solid recovered fuel and wood products.

Our facilities


We run three energy-from-waste facilities in the UK.

Transfer station operations

We manage transfer stations, where residual waste and recyclables are bulked up before being taken for further treatment or final disposal.

Materials recycling facilities

We have over 30 materials recycling facilities throughout the country where recyclables are sorted into material types.

Recycling centre management

We operate over 100 household waste and recycling centres throughout the UK, many of which we have redeveloped and where we are achieving our best ever recycling rates.


Approximately three per cent of renewable power in the UK is generated from SITA UK landfill sites. We manage the safe disposal of residual waste in landfill sites across the country.

Compost facilities

SITA UK has developed a network of composting facilities to process green garden waste and food waste.

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