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An introduction to the products produced by SITA UK and how we are protecting our environment by putting waste to good use

SITA UK produces a large range of high-quality products from the materials that we collect and process.

Our organics products include a wide-range of BIS PAS100-standard compost products, created from food and green waste.

SITA UK produces a range of certified energy products, including refuse derived fuel and solid recovered fuel created from household and commercial waste. We also produce wood-based products, such as biomass fuel. These products can be produced to a set specification as required by our customers, helping to divert waste from landfill and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

We are also the only landfill operator in the UK to produce fuel from landfill gas (liquid bio-methane).

As part of our efforts to ensure that waste is put to good use, we ensure that any waste materials that can be given a second life are put back in to the circular economy, helping to reduce the need for virgin materials.

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