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SITA UK provides a range of services and products designed to meet the needs of all customers, regardless of your size or sector.

Whether you need your recycling and waste collected once a week from one premises, or you produce many different waste streams across a number of sites, we can provide the solution. We can deal with any type or volume of waste, from recycling and general waste to specialist streams such as hazardous and healthcare waste, providing you with the right mix of containers and collection options to suit your business.

Use our order online system to instantly check and buy the services you need for your business.

We also produce a range of high-quality products from the waste that we collect in order to give it a second life. From energy products, created from wood and residual waste, to compost.

SITA UK works with local authorities to serve over 12 million residents each year, providing key services such as kerbside recycling and waste collection, management of household waste and recycling centres, street cleansing and treatment and disposal.

We have years of specialist experience in dealing with local authority waste contracts, many of them for up to 25 years long, offering efficient and sustainable solutions based upon excellent customer service.

Need more information about recycling or SITA UK?

If you'd like to know more about SITA UK or how we put waste to good use, visit our waste as a resource section to see how we treat and process materials to ensure they are reused or recycled. You can also visit our interactive education site to discover more about recycling, view the animated waste journeys, play a game and download some fun educational resources.

To learn more about our vision, our performance and our people, take a look at the about us section.

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Call 0870 421 1122 to speak to one of our customer service advisors, or email us your enquiry.

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