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Innovations with waste

Our innovations with waste

One of the challenges facing our industry is how to process waste materials to create products. Innovative solutions are needed which satisfy both commercial and environmental drivers.

Our technical experts are continuously developing new and innovative ways to protect our environment by putting waste to good use by creating a resource from the materials we all throw away.

You can find out about just a couple of them below ...

Recycling road sweepings

Road sweepings are not usually something that you would think possible to recycle, but at our  facilities in Wolverhampton and Birmingham we are doing just that.

These facilities processes more than 70,000 tonnes of road sweepings each year.

It is estimated that 98 per cent of road sweepings that pass through the facility will be sorted into separate materials including sand, washed aggregate and compostable material. The recycled sand and aggregates can be used in road construction, as pipe bedding materials or blended with rock salt and used as grit on roads in the winter months.


For cement kilns to use waste as an alternative feedstock, the waste needs to be refined. SITA UK is working with CEMEX UK, one of the UK’s leading building materials providers, to develop two waste recycling plants for the production of Climafuel for CEMEX’s Rugby cement plant in Warwickshire.

Climafuel, an alternative fuel produced from domestic, commercial and industrial waste, has been used successfully at the cement plant since 2007.

SITA UK has developed two local waste recycling facilities to manufacture this fuel, the first in Birmingham and the second at Malpass Farm, adjacent to the Rugby cement plant. Both are now fully operational.

The development of the plants will provide CEMEX UK with a more sustainable fuel to burn in its cement kiln, reducing its reliance on fossil fuels while providing a long-term solution for the local community by diverting waste that cannot be recycled away from landfill.

Together the two plants are able to produce and supply up to 250,000 tonnes of Climafuel to Rugby, which is currently permitted to utilise up to 65 per cent of its fuel needs with this fuel.

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