Improved waste management process increases revenue for industrial business

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK has worked with a world-leading supplier of aircraft structures for five years.

The mission

To devise a way to deal with increasing quantities of recyclable materials

In October 2016, SUEZ identified that an on-site compacting machine was not operating to its full capacity and continuously breaking down.

The manufacturing process was generating increasing quantities of card and plastic waste – the site had doubled the amount being produced year-on-year.

Instead of being baled, the plastic waste was packed loose into bags that would be collected by a local reprocessor. Because of this, our client was not able to generate any revenue from these materials.

Our solution

New equipment and new processes

Our integrated solutions team installed a new compactor along with a vertical baler.

By combining these two projects, rental costs were secured at lower rates, while packaging recyclable materials in baled form creates the opportunity for increased revenues.

The results

Speed and efficiency

The new machinery enhances the site’s recycling quantities and efficiency, which, in turn, improved the speed of on-site bin collections.

The site benefited from a 50% increase in processing speed because a higher quantities of waste can now be compacted at one time. Previously, the compactor would manage up to four tonnes (when operating to full capacity) contrasted with the new six-tonne capacity. Additionally, employees at the site now have extra time to work on other tasks.

The vertical baler places recyclates in baled form, which attracts higher rebates compared with the loose packing method they used before. Instead of being removed from site free of charge, our customer is now able to generate revenue from this material. With the increased quantity of waste being produced, this will be a growing revenue source.

Our customer has also saved the cost of constant maintenance call-outs and machinery breakdowns.

  • 50% increase in processing speed
  • Time management efficiency
  • Additional revenue as a direct result of changing materials packing method

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