Our local authority customers

SUEZ helps local authorities to rise to the challenges by managing their resources smartly and sustainably: delivering quality water and waste services for all, creating new local and renewable energy sources, progressing towards the circular economy and the sustainable development of our country.

We provide a range of services for local authorities, including street cleansing, recycling and refuse collection, recycling centre management, materials recycling and trading, and the treatment and disposal of residual waste.

We believe strongly in a partnership approach, with specialist experience in operating local authority waste and recycling contracts, many of them for up to 25 years long.

We understand the pressure to reduce carbon emissions and meet demanding targets for recycling and recovery, which is why we have pioneered new initiatives – such as developing a ‘green’ fuel produced from landfill gas and introducing computerised collection systems to improve the efficiency of our collections service.

Here you’ll find some examples of the work we do with our local authority partners.

Putting Merseyside’s waste to good use at Wilton energy-from-waste facility

The Wilton energy-from-waste facility, located on Teesside, generates energy using waste from across Merseyside and Halton that cannot be recycled (residual waste).

Wilton energy-from-waste facility


Recycling incentive scheme for Bracknell Forest Council

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK helps Bracknell Forest Council reward residents for separating their recycling properly, by offering points that can be exchanged for local rewards.

Bracknell Forest


Recycling street sweepings

This unique and award-winning scheme turns street sweepings into concrete blocks, and so prevents waste going to landfill. It demonstrates just one of the innovative ways that SUEZ puts waste to good use.

Concrete blocks


Managing household waste in Cornwall

In October 2006, SITA Cornwall Ltd (now Cornwall Energy Recovery Ltd) was awarded a 30-year contract to manage waste in Cornwall. We work with Cornwall Council to reuse, recycle and put to good use waste throughout the county.

Cornwall energy recovery centre


Powering the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is home to 80,000 people. To divert waste from landfill, SUEZ has been converting the island’s waste into energy since 2004.

Isle of Man energy-from-waste facility


SUEZ and the South Tyne and Wear Waste Management Partnership

SUEZ is working with the South Tyne and Wear Waste Management Partnership to manage household waste from 285,000 houses in Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland. Our contract runs until 2036.

Teesside energy-from-waste facility


Putting waste to good use in Suffolk

SUEZ works with Suffolk County Council until 2039 to divert residual household waste from landfill and put it to good use.

Suffolk energy-from-waste facility




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