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Global warming, urban population growth, scarcity of resources and digital transformation: the SUEZ group is committed to overcoming the great challenges facing our planet.

Jean-Louis Chaussade, CEO, SUEZ Group



A less resource-consuming growth model is needed. I resolutely engaged SUEZ in the resource revolution. We are ready.

– Jean-Louis Chaussade, Chief Executive Officer, SUEZ Group

SUEZ works with municipalities and industry around the world, helping them make the most of their resources. The group has developed world-leading expertise in four areas that are critical to the resource revolution:

  1. management of the entire water cycle

  2. waste recycling and recovery

  3. water treatment solutions

  4. consultancy services promoting sustainable urban and regional development

With 150 years of expertise in water and waste, and more than 80,000 employees working across five continents, the group’s innovation and the value SUEZ companies create for clients make us a leader in the world’s emerging circular economy.


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